Live a life to glorify God!

As Christians, we are here on this earth to glorify God. But being human, that’s not always easy as we face worldly challenges and our own weaknesses. 7 Days to Grow Closer to God, our free 7-day devotional, provides a week’s worth of opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual growth through friendly, relatable stories and thoughtful questions that can help you really dig into issues that we all face.
Since FamilyLife began over 40 years ago we’ve been putting out biblically based resources to help strengthen marriages and families. Thousands of families turn to us, seeking answers and hope, and we’ve been privileged to help them.
Now we want to encourage you with our new devotional, 7 Days to Grow Closer to God. We hope it that will help you draw closer to Christ and live a life that more fully reflects His teachings. 
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