30th birthday balloons

5 Things Taylor Swift Gets Right on Her 30 Birthday Lessons

The pop music star is about to turn 30, and her list of life lessons beautifully blends heart with humor, plus practicality and purpose.

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What parents need to know about the Momo Challenge

What Parents Need to Know About the Momo Challenge + 5 Ways to Respond

What’s a level-headed but vigilant parent to do with this information? Here are five ways to respond to the unsettling Momo Challenge.

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What We Should Say to Our Sons About the Robert Kraft Solicitation Charge

What Should We Say to Our Sons About the Robert Kraft Solicitation Charge?

Your sons have already heard about the owner of the New England Patriots charged with solicitation of prostitution. What will they hear from you?

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apps to keep your kids off of

The Digital Dirty Dozen: 12 Apps for Parents to Watch Out For

My limited experience has taught me to be vigilant in what I allow before my children’s eyes.

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I’m Not Panicking About the Election

I’m Not Panicking About the Election—And Neither Should You

Political leaders might have their own agendas, but those cannot thwart God’s.

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Russ Taff I Still Believe: Singing through shame and alcoholism

Christian Musician Russ Taff: Singing Through the Shame

The award-winning artist’s music inspired others to bask in God’s love, but he had to overcome shame and alcoholism to hear God’s love song to him.

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Why Do So Many Love This is Us?

The popular television show tells us there is romance and redemption lying wait in our days, breathless not with passion, but with the hard work of love.

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An Open Letter to #Whyididntreport

I saw a hashtag on Twitter this week about why people who have been sexually abused might choose not to report it.

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Can ‘The Bachelorette’ Teach Us Anything About Marriage?

A few positive lessons from my guilty pleasure over the last few months.

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Father and son

The Real Cost of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

NBA star Blake Griffin may be able to afford a huge child support payment, but kids need more than that.

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There She Is: Miss America, #MeToo, and Your Kids

Brava, Miss America, for eliminating a bit of the external from the ideal. And let’s not stop there. What does it look like for each of us to disregard the bigger “swimsuit competition” far deeper within?

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It’s Showtime!

FamilyLife’s first feature film, Like Arrows, is coming to a theater near you, but this week only!

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Like Arrows Movie

‘Like Arrows’ Is an Unlikely Winner

FamilyLife’s first film is meant to be a glimpse into a path that can take you deeper into parenting the heart of your children.

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The Story Behind FamilyLife’s New Film, ‘Like Arrows’

Bob Lepine answers behind-the-scenes questions about the movie.

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‘This is Us’ Is All of Us

Everyone has a family. And every family has a story.

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“Without God There Is No Hope”

Rick and Judy Taylor talk about recovering from the death of their son, Kyle.

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Ten Urgent Steps for for Keeping Your Family Spiritually Strong

Editor’s Note: On the December 10-11, 2012, FamilyLife Today® broadcasts, host Dennis Rainey suggested the following ways for families to stay spiritually strong in today’s culture.

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Parents Today Say Their Job Is Harder Than Ever

Many parents today feel overwhelmed by the pace at which technology is changing the American home.

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What Do the Politics of Jesus Look Like?

In a divisive political season, here are thoughts on what it means to “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

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Social Media and the Comparison Trap

Too often what we see on social media, at a party, or even on Sunday at church in no way reflects what’s really going on in someone’s life.

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Letting Jesus Love Through You

Don’t let fear cause you to mistreat those who are different from you.

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4 Hard Questions About Homosexuality

We all need to live lives of constant repentance, recognizing that the entire Christian life is one of constant temptation to sin and simultaneous call to obey Christ.

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Is the Christian View of Sexuality Harmful?

The gospel liberates us from the mindset that sex is intrinsic to human fulfillment.

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An Unlikely Hero in a Time of War

The same faith that led Alvin York to be a pacifist also led him to become the most decorated soldier in World War I and a post-war philanthropist.

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Fifty Shades in the Age of #MeToo

In the wake of the current outcry against sexual mistreatment of women, what reception will the film Fifty Shades Freed receive?

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9 Ways to Protect Children From Sexual Abuse

Here are some practical things you can do to guard your children.

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Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment

Something has shifted in our culture the last few months as hidden sexual sins—especially in the workplace—are brought into the light. Why has this happened so suddenly?

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Sexual Abuse and the Nature of Evil

My counseling experience leads me to conclude that evil is very much at work in the world, in our mind, and in our body.

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Responding Biblically to Racism

Events in Charlottesville remind us that ultimately the solution to racism comes when hearts are transformed.

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The Las Vegas Shootings: Asking the ‘Why?’ Questions

Three truths to remember when incomprehensible tragedies occur.

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