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Dear Empty Nester Mama: A Note of Encouragem...

Your baby has graduated, leaving you an empty nester. But how do you grow your relationship with them while encouraging their independence?
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Gray Divorce

3 Ways to Protect Your Marriage From ‘Gray...

I’ve always thought there was some marital finish line protecting your marriage on the other side. But few people warn you about gray divorce.
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Aah, Retirement. What could go wrong?

How could we possibly think retirement, changing health, and decline ahead wouldn't have surprises and challenges like our 40+ years of marriage?
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Growing Old Together: Like a Beautiful Old B...

I wouldn’t trade our empty nest years for the relationship we had in our youth for anything.
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Don’t Get Stuck in the Empty Nest

As we've moved through this new season of our lives, we've realized that God has something great planned for our future together.
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Three Pitfalls to Avoid in an Empty Nest Marriage

Three Pitfalls to Avoid in an Empty Nest Mar...

When your kids leave the home, you are forced to consider your marriage relationship in a new light.
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Are You Done Making a Difference?

Too many men over 55 think their best days are behind them. It’s time to resurrect the noble mantle of “patriarch.”
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Dancing With the Stars? Not Exactly.

I learned more than rhythm while taking dancing lessons with my husband.
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Loving the Prime Time Years

Part of our passion is encouraging couples to determine how God can use them after their children leave the nest.
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Overcoming Loneliness When Your Children Leave the Nest

Overcoming Loneliness When Your Children Lea...

Adjusting to a new reality can be an especially difficult task.
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Overcoming the Challenges of an Empty Nest

A couple can either move toward the death of their relationship, or look forward to what this new season of marriage has to offer.
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The Midlife Question: Who Am I?

When you define your identity vertically, you will be able to stand even when the things around you are passing away.
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This Old Sack of Bones

The older we grow, the more our bodies deteriorate. And that's not necessarily bad.
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