Effective Communication in Marriage

Overcoming Communication Barriers With Your Spouse

Communication in marriage is not easy. But the fight to communicate is worth the work. In the end, you’ll find a thriving marriage rooted in oneness, not division.

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Communication Tools that Saved My Marriage

5 Communication Tools That Saved My Marriage

Early in our marriage, these simple principles changed our hearts and transformed our relationship.

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5 Ways Improve Your Marriage

5 Biggest Little Ways to Improve Your Marriage

A few small actions carry surprising power in building a lasting relationship.

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Shut Up and Listen

It was one of the biggest conflicts of our marriage. And as I sat there full of anger and self-righteousness, I knew that I hadn’t handled it correctly.

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15 Ways to Refresh Your Marriage

No matter where your marriage is, it can always become stronger. Here are some ideas for those who want to shake things up a bit.

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Winning the War of Words

Getting to the heart of your communication struggles.

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Are You Listening?

Three communication tips based on wisdom gained from years (and years) of trial and error.

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Encouragement for my spouse

10 Ideas: Workday Encouragement

Even simple acts of support can give your spouse the boost he or she needs during a busy work week.

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Talking Through Difficult Issues

You can’t avoid the tough conversations in marriage, but you can conduct them in a way that will ultimately bring you closer to your spouse.

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Conversation starters for husbands and wives

30 Ways to Start a Conversation With Your Spouse

A list to keep you talking with your spouse for a whole month.

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The Bass I Found on the Bargain Rack

Using word pictures was the key to communication in our marriage.

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The Power of Words

One of the greatest challenges of marriage is how you speak to your spouse.

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Why It’s Important to Get Away With Your Spouse

When did you last have time to talk about the important things of life?

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A Small Harbor of Reconnection

Just a five-second look helped connect my mom and dad during a frenzy of activity.

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Do You Really Need Your Spouse?

True partnerships are cemented by couples who frequently and specifically verbalize their need of one another.

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Q&A: Engaging an Unresponsive Spouse

Recognizing what is your responsibility and what you need to leave in God’s hands.

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Reclaiming Date Night

Intentional sharing and meaningful time together are too important to the health of your marriage to be neglected.

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Bible verses to help improve communication

Scriptures to Help Guide You Through Your Interpersonal Relationships

Ten Bible verses to help family communication.

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Connecting With Your Spouse

Two tips for battling the “illusion of permanence” in your marriage relationship.

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Slaying the Phantom in Your Life

All of us have unattainable mental images of our roles in life, but there is a way to live free from their terror.

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10 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Her Husband Every Year

This small exercise will keep your marriage sharp.

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Are You Married to Your Smartphone?

Technology is evolving so quickly that many of us are barely aware of how our changing behavior threatens our most important relationships.

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Clues your spouse isn't listening

4 Clues Your Spouse Isn’t Listening

Communication struggles need to be identified before they can be repaired.

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Open communication is important in marriage

The Number One Problem in Marriage

Open communication is essential to the life of a marriage relationship.

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Just Tell Me What I Want to Hear

Even when it stings, I’m thankful for a husband who is straightforward.

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