If any semblance of date night feels like it’s been drop-kicked out the door, you’re in good company. You might be hesitant to send the kids to Grandma’s, and the likelihood of finding a babysitter willing to enter your “germy” home has never been lower.

If you’re going to fight for time alone with your spouse, a little creativity is in order.

And prioritizing time for your marriage is worth fighting for. While increased family time is a good thing, so is increased time as a couple. In fact, for the sake of the health of your marriage, getting “away” just the two of you is equally good.

Whether you have college kids hanging out for a few months or elementary school kids navigating home school routines, there are ways you can escape together. Let them entertain themselves or put on a movie marathon while you get away for a while.

Need some date night in ideas? Consider giving these a try:

1. Play a card game on your bedroom floor.

If not the floor, find a different space you don’t typically spend much time in. Positioning yourself in an atypical location can help make it special.

2. Take a walk around the neighborhood.

No dogs. No kids. And no headphones. Just you two.

3. Relax in your backyard.

Toss around a Frisbee or play catch for a while. Heat up the fire pit and roast marshmallows on a chilly night.

4. Cook dinner together.

Doesn’t matter who the usual chef is. Get in the kitchen and prep the meal side by side.

5. Read a book out loud.

Maybe there’s a biography you’ve both wanted to read or a couple’s devotional that’s collected dust for months. Why not give them a try?

Connect with your spouse on a soul-level. More Info.

6. Turn on a forgotten, favorite TV show and laugh awhile.

You’ve probably had your fill of kid movies, right? You could use a break.

7. Have a picnic on your bed for date night in.

Bake some cookies or other treats specifically for it. Make it an event by talking about what you’re thankful for.

8. Do a house project together.

Do you have paint sitting in your garage begging to be used? If you’re like my parents, maybe you’ve lived in your house for twenty years and still never painted your master bedroom. Or maybe, like me, you have a piece of furniture in your garage in need of a fresh coat. Lay a sheet down in the bedroom, the garage, or backyard, and enjoy working on the same thing together.

9. Work out together.

The gym is closed. So go vintage with a hilariously old exercise video. Might I suggest aerobics or jazzercise? You might earn your main ab workout from pure laughter.

10. Focus on your marriage.

While you can’t get away for a marriage conference, you can enjoy the Art of Marriage online mini courses. Stream them right into your living room for some likely overdue discussion.

You know what’s manageable for your family. Do what you need to do to take a mental vacation from the current news and other tension points. Even if an hour away is longer than you can afford, be intentional to steal away when you can.

When we come out on the other side of this quarantine life, don’t you want to say your marriage is stronger because of it? Let in-house date nights be a part of strengthening your marriage.

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Lauren Miller serves on staff with FamilyLife as a writer in Little Rock, Arkansas, though she’ll always be a California girl. She graduated from Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute where the Lord first planted in her a love for family and marriage ministry. As a single, she loves serving the youth at her church, watching British dramas, and reading a good book in her free time.