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be a better wife

15 Ways to Be a Better Wife

I polled other women on ways to be a better wife. Because I never want to assume that I have all the right wife answers. Let's see if our husbands agree.
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a husband having a discussion with his wife

All My Husband Heard From Me Was ‘BOOO...

After we'd been married awhile, I realized I had gone from Dave's biggest cheerleader to his biggest critic.
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couple sitting together smiling

4 Ways to Prioritize Your Spouse Above Your...

In our crazy, fast-paced lives, it’s easy to be distracted from what is most important. Here are some ideas to make more time for the person you love most.
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I’m Not a Nag, Am I?

Four suggestions on how to be nag free and make life easier for you and your family.
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Ways to show respect to husband

11 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband

Some wives don't understand how important respect is to a man. Here are some ideas for how a woman can give her spouse the esteem he longs for.
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4 Ways to Harness Your Power for Good in You...

God has given us women the privilege and the ability to bring life to our husbands with our love.
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5 Ways to Help Your Husband Step Up to Manho...

A wife plays a pivotal role in her husband’s transition from boyhood into manhood.
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wife, hands in the air, arguing with her husband

15 Things Wives Should Stop Doing

I asked some girlfriends, “What should a wife stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage?” This list is based on their responses.
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Seven Things I Wish Id Known About Men Befor...

Growing up with my stepdad and younger brother I thought I knew a thing or two about men. While I knew not to change the channel during a football game, not to serve quiche for dinner, and not to attempt to fix a broken doorknob with a rubber band, there were a few important things […]
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It’s Not Your Husband’s Job to Make You...

The only way you can experience true joy is by pursuing intimacy with Christ on a daily basis.
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Wife's role in marriage

What Should Be the Wife’s ‘Role...

While the Bible doesn't apply our modern word "role" to marriage, the Scriptures are clear about the unique responsibilities God assigns to a wife.
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Words to make your husband feel great

50 Things To Say to Your Husband to Make Him...

Your words have great power in the life of your husband ... they can lift him up and give him confidence, or they can beat him down.
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Communication in marriage

10 Rules for Good Communication With Your Hu...

Good communication requires certain rules and guidelines, which are simple in one sense and extremely difficult in another.
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What Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Me...

A wife can help her husband be what God wants him to be by understanding his needs.
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2 women and a man, smiling and chatting

10 Ways to Let Your Husband Know You’r...

Don't let another day go by without communicating admiration for your husband.
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3 Priorities for Every Wife

3 Priorities for Every Married Woman

No matter what your marriage stage—newlyweds, raising young children or teenagers, empty nest with grandkids—we share some common needs as wives.
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Invest in your husband

3 Tips for Investing in Your Husband

Likewise, you can strengthen your husband's self-esteem. But first you must recognize where he needs bolstering.
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Wife prays for her husband

30 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

A list of things to pray for your husband
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Becoming Your Husband’s Personal Cheer...

Your encouragement can breathe life into your husband.
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wife looking worried while husband, lying on the couch, looks at her in the background.

Unrealistic Expectations Almost Destroyed My...

In the midst of my pain and self-centered complaining, I exhausted my husband and saddened God.
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When my husband needs help

When Your Husband Needs Help—and Doesn’t...

You have strengths your husband doesn’t have. It takes a bit of wisdom and skill to help in a harmonious, nonthreatening way.
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When Sex Is at the Bottom of Your List

Marriage has taught me how different I am sexually from my husband.
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“Boss” in the Workplace, “...

How does marriage work when the wife has a high-power position in the working world?
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How to encourage your husband

Encouraging Your Husband

How you can put wind in his sails.
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Wishing He Were Your Husband

When you're caught in emotional adultery, these four steps will help guide your heart back to your spouse.
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The Popular Sport of Male Bashing

Your spouse is likely to reflect what he or she hears and feels from you
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Romance your husband

Refresh Your Lovemaking

Here are 18 tips we think your husband will love.
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Q & A: Respecting Your Husband for the L...

What to do when you lose respect for your husband.
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Q & A: Encouraging Husbands to Lead Spir...

It's important to realize there are different ways to give spiritual leadership in the home.
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50 Ideas to Inspire Your Husband

A wife has the unique ability to help her husband feel the freedom to reach his fullest potential as the man God has created him to be.
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Does God Rule Your Mundane?

Seeking grace and serving God in the midst of ordinary days.
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Treat Him Like a Man

Love your husband without expectation and respect him as the man God created him to be.
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Your Husband's Two Biggest Fears

Your Husband’s Two Biggest Fears

You can do something about your husband’s twin fears. In fact, he will never get over them without you.
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wife hugging her husband from behind. Both are smiling.

Put Yourself in Your Husband’s Shoes

In order to truly appreciate my husband, I need to practice empathy.
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When Your Spouse Breaks Your Heart

You have a choice—you can go through the experience or grow through it.
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Recovering From a Double Mastectomy

How my husband’s love helped me understand that my breasts didn’t define me as a woman.
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Are You Helping Your Husband Follow His Drea...

Passion in life isn’t just something that happens; it must be sought.
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He’s Not Your Dad, You’re Not Hi...

Your marital relationship will change significantly when your baby comes.
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marriage after baby

Helping Your Marriage Thrive After a New Bab...

Your marital relationship will change significantly when your baby comes.
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Cherish my husband

Your Husband Needs to Be Cherished Too

Admiring your husband is no less important now than it was the day you got married.
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He Just Won’t Talk to Me

How to understand your husband and get the intimacy you long for.
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A Demonstration of Faith

When Gary was ready to become the leader in our home, I had to learn to trust in God and allow my husband to perform his God-given role.
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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

A woman's tongue has the power to build up or tear down her marriage.
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honoring dad on father's day

Daddy’s Home

You'll be amazed at how a mom can set up Daddy as the hero of the house in his children’s eyes ... and you'll be amazed at what this will do for your man.
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Cherish your spouse

Does Your Husband Need Encouragement?

Your husband needs to be reassured that you still think he's wonderful, even if the rest of the world doesn't. Here are three ways you can build him up.
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Encouraging romance

Encouraging Romance From Your Husband

Three steps to provide your husband the safety and encouragement he needs to set foot upon the path to a more romantic marriage.
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Of Husbands and Football

I recently pondered why men are so drawn to the game.
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How to keep bitterness out of your marriage

Preventing Bitterness in Your Heart

If you tend to carry resentment toward your spouse, here are three steps to help you prevent bitterness from destroying your marriage.
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older couple, cheek-to-cheek, smiling while looking into the distance.

Respect your Husband Like a VIP, Then Watch...

Respect is both a verb and a noun—an action and an attitude.
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Q & A: A Wife’s Job Description

What is a wife’s job description? What are the duties and responsibilities involved?
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Fifty Shades of Caution

A few years ago my wife, Merry, said to me, “I’ve been hearing about this new book, Fifty Shades of Grey.  I wonder if that would be good to read?” “Well, it’s a book about sexual bondage and sadism,” I replied.  “Does that sound like something you want to read?” “I don’t think so.” It […]
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wife hugging her husband from behind

6 No-No’s for Relating to Your Man

Intentionally connecting with your husband takes hard work.
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Encourage husband

How Can I Motivate My Husband to Get Right W...

Many wives are growing in their faith but are married to men whose Christian growth seems stagnant.
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Meeting my husband's romantic needs

How Your Husband Defines Romance

In order to meet your husband's need for romance, you must understand that it means something different for him than it does for you.
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Creative ways to please your husband

15 Ways to Please Your Husband

Enhance your husband's self-worth by discovering—and doing—what pleases him.
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