Helping your child think missionally

Helping Your Children in the Discovery of Their Mission

From a FamilyLife Today® broadcast, a list of ideas to help your kids think missionally about life.

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Let’s Turn the Helpless Into Heroes

I’ve always believed that’s what birth mothers really are—heroes.

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Helping Your Family Understand Racial Reconciliation

Helping Your Family Understand Racial Reconciliation

We cannot live redemptive lives and hate our neighbor. Diversity in relationships not only shows unity to the world but also builds in our own hearts a love for others.

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Asking my kids for forgiveness

Asking Forgiveness From My Kids … Again

My kids need to grow up with the knowledge that I require a Savior just as much as they do.

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Talking to Your kids about mass shootings

8 Suggestions for Talking to Your Kids About Mass Shootings

Talking to my kids about shootings doesn’t come easily—how do I answer questions about things I don’t understand myself?

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Gender-Neutral Parenting Isn’t for Me

My husband and I are raising our daughters to identify with who God designed them to be, embrace the characteristics He gave them, and develop confidence in the goodness of their Maker.

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Why Your Relationship With Your Child Matters

Why Your Relationship With Your Child Matters

You have the privilege of growing a child who knows the love of God personally and knows how to love people well.

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Would You Say Yes to Becoming an “Instant Family”?

Is foster care messy? Of course. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

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Investing Time With Your Children

Investing Time With Your Children: The Challenge of 936 Pennies

The time we have with our children before they enter into adulthood is limited. We have a responsibility to use it well, with a heart of wisdom.

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Your most important job as a parent.

Your Most Important Job as a Parent

Teachable moments are opportunities for us to imprint God’s values on the next generation.

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What I Wish Drew Brees Had Whispered to His Boys

I want more for Drew Brees and his sons than just what they can earn. And Jesus offers more.

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The Art of Parenting

God Used a Parakeet to Love Our Daughter

Of all the stories about raising six children we’ve told over the years, this is probably our favorite.

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Smartphone addiction in kids

My Son Was Addicted to a Smartphone

The patterns I saw in my child’s behavior opened my eyes to the damage my phone had done.

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I Want My Child to Be an ‘Alien’

Helping a child understand this world is not our home.

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Applying the gospel to parenting

Parenting Is Not About Raising Well-Behaved Kids

If you view your kids as sinners who need salvation, you’ll see parenting as a rescue mission.

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Bibles verses to teach my children

Verses From The Book Of Proverbs To Teach Your Children

These verses can become the centerpiece of kitchen table discussions and a tour guide for difficult conversations.

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50 Things You Can Say to Make Your Child Feel Great

A list for parents who want their children to know their love and God’s love.

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a surprising antidote for sibling rivalry

A Surprising Antidote for Sibling Rivalry

Teaching your children to help others is a lifetime gift to them and to everyone they encounter.

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Q&A: How do I stop my child from cursing and using inappropriate speech?

Don’t ever think that training your child’s language is in vain.

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3 Truths We Need to Teach Our Kids About Being Satisfied

Filling our hearts and minds with the things of God will quench the hunger that the world cannot.

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Talking to Your Kids About Transgender Issues

Your kids will encounter this issue someday. How will you handle their questions?

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Teaching Children About Having A Heart That Follows God

Here’s a ‘game’ I developed to help my kids understand spiritual priorities as they begin to face the pressures and temptations of their world.

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training our children to pray

Training Our Children to Pray

Rather than only teaching them simple prayers they can memorize and recite, we need to intentionally educate our children about what prayer should look like.

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5 Reasons to make family worship a priority

5 Reasons to Make Family Worship a Priority

The practice of family worship is a crucial discipline for spiritually healthy families.

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5 ways my parents shaped my spiritual life

5 Ways My Parents Shaped My Spiritual Life

My parents showed me how to walk as a believer and honor Christ in all things.

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Disciple my children

4 Reasons You Should Intentionally Disciple Your Children

If you don’t shape your children, with God’s help, the world will.

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Helping Your Children Put Their Trust in Christ

Your calling as a parent is to model a faith that is authentic and strong.

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Keeping Your Family Stable in an Unstable World

Four practical suggestions for facing uncertain times with faith and courage.

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Raising Kids in an ‘Anything Goes’ Culture

In the minds of most teenagers, there is no universal standard for sexual morality of absolutes beyond a person’s own view as to what makes sexual activity right or wrong.

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A Safe House Begins With You

Your love for your child should define your relationship—just as God’s love defines His relationship with us as His children.

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