Soul-Care Homecation

Surprise! It’s safe to say your homebound family has landed in an odd “homecation” like no other.

In fact, maybe it’s pretty hard to envision anything ending in “-cation.” But amidst the fear swallowing much of the world, we want to help you embrace the invitation of God’s care for your soul.

You can balance soaking in the moments and soaking in the tub with ideas for intentional memories and essential soul-care.

In this free download, you can assess your soul-care quotient and get tips for communicating your need (if it’s there–and let’s face it. It’s there!) for more peace. You’ll also find fun family memory-making ideas.

Don’t let this be another season of being driven–by worry, tasks, your inbox. Take advantage of this time to listen to God; to be held.

In this download, you’ll receive:

  • Idea Cards for a low-key, low-prep homecation.
  • A Soul-Care Assessment.
  • And especially for moms: 25 Tips for Avoiding Mom Burnout.

You’ve finally got the time. Drink deeply.

This download is FREE! Just tell us where to send it using the form below: