Unshaken: Searching for stability in a troubled world

It’s no secret: our world is facing an unprecedented time. There’s plenty of reason to be anxious. Afraid. Uncertain about tomorrow and even uncertain about today.

Everyone around the globe is feeling the impact, even inside our own homes.

At a time like this, when life feels insecure and unstable, we can remember that God is ultimately in control. It doesn’t necessarily change our circumstances, but it can change our focus.

This 10-day devotional, Unshaken, will be rest for your weary soul in this time. No matter what is happening around you or how unsteady the world feels, God is our sure and stable foundation.

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Unshaken: Searching for stability in a troubled world

A 10-part Devotional

Do you feel shaken by economic and political instability, racial conflict, mass shootings, and terrorist threats in recent years?

Are you unsettled over changes in the moral climate of our culture?

Do you feel disoriented and disheartened because of illness, hardships, failed relationships, or recent deaths of friends or family?

In a world of turmoil, we need to remember that God is the stability of our times.

Read our 10-part devotional, “Unshaken: Searching for Stability in a Troubled World” — complete with application and discussion questions — on the FamilyLife app.