Reviews & Stories

Life has been busy and intense. This weekend away was a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deeper level emotionally, spiritually, and physically!

— Married 5 yrs

Continue to grow in oneness

“There is no manual handed out when you get married, this weekend gave us great tools and resources to use to help strengthen our marriage and grow together in oneness, even after 10 years of marriage.”

—Wife, married 10 years

Continue to grow in oneness

“We attended last year on the verge of divorce. It saved our marriage! Over the last year, we have worked hard with God to reconcile and strengthen our marriage. We chose to attend again 1 year later to continue to grow in oneness and deepen our marriage.”

—Husband, Married 4 years

Refreshing getaway

“It was great to hit the pause button on some of the chaos in our last 6 months and focus on growing as a couple. I feel encouraged, motivated and equipped to continue growing as a husband and leader!”

—Husband, Married 3 years

Recommitted & Reconnected

“This weekend was inspiring and encouraging. We feel reconnected and ready to renew our commitment to each other, our kids, and to God.”

—Wife, Married 3 years

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